Why Managed IT Service

Using a managed IT service (MSP) can help you sleep better at night


Why do I need Managed IT?

Most businesses are dependent on Information Technology (IT) for their business operations. IT provides companies with better business communications, business efficiency, and competitive advantage. IT supports the backbone of modern business with application software for accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), sales, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, email, website, video conferencing, etc. Yet many businesses lack the right amount of in-house IT resources needed to maximize the benefits of IT. Sometimes a smaller business will have “an IT guy” or a friend who provides IT support. This situation puts the business at risk of an outage or cyber attack as this type of support usually lacks regular maintenance, continuous monitoring, and comprehensive network security. Managed IT Services or MSP can address this gap at an affordable cost.

Enhanced Service Level Agreements

Predictable monthly cost

Lower Operational Expense

Scalable IT resources

Improved vendor management


What is Managed IT Service?

Managed Service, Managed IT Service, and MSP terminology has been overused. Often these terms are used to offer various services which in reality, may or may not be a true managed service. Sometimes even traditional “break/fix” type of on-demand service is labeled as managed service. This has caused confusion for the customer, as he/she is not able to experience the significant benefits of using a real managed service program.


Managed IT services enable businesses to focus on their core function by delegating IT operations to an expert third-party service provider, who can provide remote monitoring, management and repair. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide fully managed IT services as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is a more resilient and proactive IT model than the traditional reactive break/fix model, which leaves businesses exposed to security vulnerabilities and disruptions.

IT Projects


Why use a Managed IT Service?

Scalable IT resource

If a company’s IT needs change seasonally, or due to business condition changes, the company must to be able to scale IT resources accordingly. An MSP can provide this scalable IT solution without the downside of having to grow or shrink in-house IT personnel.

Vendor Management

A managed services provider can interface with vendors on behalf of a company to resolve any IT issues related to the vendor. When multiple vendors are involved, this can become a formidable task. The managed service provider, experienced in dealing with complicated IT issues, can manage the vendor, or vendors, to a successful resolution.

Focus on Business

As businesses grow, the IT load increases, and it is easy to get overwhelmed with keeping IT at peak function. Outsourcing part, or the entire IT function, can help a firm stay focused on revenue-generating activities and innovation. The Managed IT Service Provider can handle mundane tasks, and the client can get their work done more efficiently and without the distraction of technical troubleshooting.

Enhanced Service Level Agreement

With a managed service plan, you receive a customized service level agreement (SLA) that’s tailored to your company’s needs. This enables you to efficiently manage hardware and software, increase productivity, and reduce the total cost ownership.

Predictable Monthly Cost

When using a managed IT service, the monthly expense is typically the same amount every month, regardless of the highs and lows of how much support is required each month. This means you’ll know exactly how much to budget for IT, and exactly what services you’ll receive, allowing you to be more flexible when investing in other areas of your business.

Why Benchmark?

At Benchmark we work as the trusted IT advisor for our clients. We help clients by having a strategic focus, as well as encouraging forward planning. We help eliminate IT issues that keeps you up at night. We don’t want to be another vendor but rather a long-term partner for your business. We enhance our managed service offering with…

Strategic IT planning

What IT systems will you need in 12 or 24 months’ time? Managed services help you think ahead and give you advice on how and what to plan for your IT department. This proactive support also ensures that your IT infrastructure and software is upgraded and updated to minimize risks such as downtime, viruses and crashes.

Peace of Mind

We don’t want you to have to worry about your daily IT operations, reliability and speediness of your network connection. With Benchmark managed services there are no surprises about the state of your IT environment when you come into work. We got you covered with 24x7x365 coverage.

Enhanced Security

Security is a serious problem for all businesses. Laptops, desktops, smartphones, applications, tablets, servers, operating systems, browsers, wearable technology and the like: all store and transmit data and thus require the strictest security measures. Your network is only as strong as the weakest link. US businesses are compromised every 14 seconds with ransomware attacks. You don’t want be the next headline in a high-profile data breach or data loss incident. We offer a multi-layered approach to cyber security to protect you against this growing threat.

All-inclusive IT Service

Benchmark has been a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of IT products and providing Structured Cabling services for more than 20 years. These services combined with our Managed Service offerings give our customers a one-stop-shop for their IT needs. As our customers Trusted IT advisor we take care of all their IT needs including bringing in outside experts, as needed, for services we don’t have expertise in.

Regulatory Compliance

As businesses become more IT dependent with many now offering e-Commerce or other online services, customer data is at great risk. It is critical to secure any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Many companies are required to meet certain requirements, such as PCI security standards. If you are a healthcare provider you must protect patient records as well as other Protected Health Information (PHI) and also meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements. A HIPAA violation can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. At Benchmark, we can scan, monitor, and protect your network from data breaches, and we can help you to meet your regulatory compliance.

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