How to protect from zero day threats? Who is hiding in your network?

Traditional security tools like firewall and antivirus focus on prevention or protecting your network from known threats. This is important but hackers are getting more sophisticated and finding new and innovative ways of bypassing these known protection layers to infiltrate the networks.

What happens when a hacker gets through undetected? How long will they spend hiding in your network collecting valuable data? At what point will they deploy ransomware and fully encrypt your system?

We suggest a more comprehensive multi layered security system comprising of protection, detection and response to combat these evolving threats. We have partnered with Huntress Labs to provide Managed Detection and Response (MDR) as part of our security service. This added layer of protection is designed specifically to look for these hidden threats and "quiet" indicators of compromise that other tools miss.

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Why do I need regular vulnerability scans?

Performing a network scan for security vulnerabilities is crucial for keeping your organization secure especially with new vulnerabilities emerging or discovered as a result of a system change. A vulnerability scan will help with identifying weaknesses in your network and software before cyber criminals do.

Vulnerability scan helps


Benchmark Cyber Security Managed Service

Cyber Security Service

  • Protect:

    We inspect to protect by quickly assessing vulnerabilities and creating a customized protection plan.

  • Detect:

    We don’t leave you unchecked. We keep an eye on your security posture identifying potential risks in real time.

  • Respond:

    We don’t yawn, we respond. Mitigation techniques are performed to prevent expansion and to resolve the incident.

Benchmark Managed IT Service

Managed IT Service

  • Prevention:

    When prevention is key, we are your trustees. Preventative maintenance lengthens the life span of your devices reducing costs overtime.

  • Monitoring:

    We monitor your network and take out the guesswork. Enhancing network performance to keep it operating smoothly.

  • Support:

    We are your 1st resort for support. Rest assured, we are on standby for immediate assistance.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning
Protect your organization from the impact of disasters like the current pandemic. Covid-19 worldwide pandemic has made the need for a business continuity plan more relevant. During times like these, having a business continuity plan in place is critical. Benchmark can help you establish an online business continuity plan that contains comprehensive disaster planning and recovery processes for employees, locations, tasks, assets, vendors, insurance, and business functions - everything you need to get your business back up as fast as possible.

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Working from Home?

Work Securely From Home

Working from home is becoming the new reality. Here are some suggestions to make you remote office setup more effective and productive. 

  • Set and keep regular office hours.
  • Plan and structure your workday.
  • Get dressed.
  • Set aside a designated work area.
  • Take breaks.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Connect with your teammates.

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