Managed Service in a Box

Technology is critical to most businesses. Small businesses can level the playing field with large competitors through digital transformation that can boost efficiency, lower operating cost, and mitigate risk of cyber attacks. 

The IT infrastructure of a small business has endpoints (PCs, Tablets), software tools, network equipment (Router, Firewall, Switches), and storage systems etc. They need to be updated regularly to keep the systems functioning, efficient and safe from cyber attacks. 

Installing and maintaining this IT infrastructure is daunting for most small businesses. Traditional antivirus software or firewalls, typically used by small businesses, are not adequate protection against today's threats. A more comprehensive security solution with a layered approach is required to protect from threats, detect threats when they occur and respond to the threats quickly and decisively.

Benchmark has designed an enterprise class IT service package in response to this ever increasing Cybersecurity threat to small businesses. This package provides comprehensive security and management services that all business should have to manage and secure their IT infrastructure. It is based on industry best practices.

IT infrastructure requirements vary significantly from one business to another. Benchmark will meet your requirements and recommend if additional services are needed. Potential recommendations include choosing the right hardware, productivity software, server, network, storage and security. 

Complete package for a small business

from $500/mo

  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Unlimited support
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Network device management
  • End Point protection
  • Web protection
  • Backup and Recovery


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