Benchmark Managed Cyber Security Service

Your IT infrastructure is under constant attack. Cyber threat actors are trying to compromise your network multiple times a day. US businesses are getting compromised by Ransomware attacks every 14 seconds. 75% of the healthcare industry has been infected with malware. Any vulnerability in your network infrastructure can open the door to a cyber-attack. It is almost impossible to stop hackers from getting onto your network. Out goal is not only to put the protection layers in place but also to actively monitor your network for any ongoing attack so it can be quickly stopped and remediated to minimize damage. 

We start by assessing your network for vulnerabilities. Then we develop a plan based on your budget and business priority to add layers of security to protect you from cyber attack. Our Cyber Security Framework follows the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines to assess and implement a comprehensive security posture.  

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear about another cyber attack where hackers have targeted a business or governments. In reality there is a new successful cyber attack on US businesses every 10 seconds. As we become more dependent on IT the number of attacks are likely to grow. 

Based on Benchmark Cybersecurity Framework.

We help asset owners like CEOs and CFOs defend against cyber attacks and mitigate risk by protecting critical data using military grade IT security.


Create security policy. Evaluate vulnerabilities. Monitor and Respond to network threats. Block malware. Keep systems up to date.. 


Detect and neutralize cyber attacks, malware. Prevent unauthorized network access. Manage access to rogue devices. 


Recover from disaster or cyber attack. Restore resources to working order. Learn from the incident to improve protection.