Virtual CIO

Let us be you guide to better IT and Cyber Security

Information Technology (IT) is a necessary evil for most businesses. Properly running IT can set a business apart from its competitors by improving business efficiency, competitive advantage and mitigating risk. A CIO (Chief Information Officer) can help a business navigate through the complexity of setting the right IT policy and picking the appropriate technology. Most small and mid size businesses cannot afford to have an in-house CIO. We can fill that role by guiding the business based on their business requirements, risk tolerance, budget, and regulatory requirements. 

We start by assessing your current IT and Cyber security posture. Then we weigh your requirements, budget and priority to develop a phased implementation to get to your ultimate goal. We meet with you on regular intervals and also as needed to discuss your IT needs that align with your business goals and propose options. We want to keep your data safe and your IT infrastructure running smoothly so you can focus on your core business.